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paid cdl training

What is paid CDL training, free CDL training, or company sponsored CDL training? There is no such thing as FREE CDL Training. In life nothing is free, as there is always some type of stipulation. What really happens?

Is that the training is paid by a trucking company. The party paying for the schooling has to re-coup their upfront investment. The only way is by securing that their investment stays with them for a period of time. Specifically, when you lend someone money, you have to protect yourself from situations where the other party does not fulfill their side of things. Trucking companies do this by having clauses to ensure you pay them back.

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In the event that you try to leave and go to another company, how does it work? You will be required to pay back your debts to the company, and if you cant they will send you to collections. In the event you are not able to pay or refuse, they do have other options to protect themselves. Generally, they will not verify your employment or training with them. Since they hold your diploma from school and paid for the training, they are not required to verify employment due to your contractual obligations.

Another detail you need to know is the pay. Most company sponsored CDL training programs offer drivers low pay during the extent of the contract. While our companies we work with pay you the same amount as any other driver, a lot reduce the wages. Typically, paid cdl training drivers make anywhere from 12 to 27 cents per mile. Whereas most companies start drivers at 30 to 50 cents per mile.

Is Company Sponsored CDL Training for me?

Not everyone has the ability to pay or finance their tuition. If this is you, then a paid cdl training program is for you.

However, with so many companies offering sponsorship, research is key. While reduced wages is a negative, another issue is the time and ability to learn. Most companies sponsoring training, bus students into a facility from all over the country. Once there, they go through a rigorous process that doesn’t always mold to your specific needs, making it harder to succeed. With limited, behind the wheel time and over crowdedness, the ability to succeed is even more limited. As the process continues, individuals falling behind may get sent home, yet still be on the hook for payment on training received.


Why Chose Us!

Free cdl training

Therefore we designed a paid CDL training program where:

  • We work with many companies that can offer company sponsored training, or the job that fits your needs.
  • Tuition cost is not increased due to sponsorship.
  • You train locally in small sized groups. With personal attention and plenty of practice, your ability to learn is increased.
  • Wages are not reduced because company paid for your training.
  • The companies we work with have newer equipment and lanes that offer better Home-time.

Whether paid CDL training is for you, or you would rather pay for your training with financing/your own funds, we can help you!

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